ARC Review: The Great Snapping Turtle Adventure by Susan Yaruta Young

I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: ★★★★☆

Genre(s): Children’s Literature; Middle Grade

Plot: [from Goodreads] When Fred takes stepsons Max and Charles to Elliott Island for a day of crabbing, none of them are expecting to encounter anything out of the ordinary. But all bets are off when you drive out that long narrow road to the End of the World. An old woman gives them a giant snapping turtle to sell, and their day gets weird. And when they stumble across the same woman’s gravestone–with her death date inscribed, but hidden in the ground–their trip becomes stranger still. As every answer leads to more questions, what starts as a “Boys’ Day Out” becomes an adventure that will not soon be forgotten.


  • It was a fun “boy’s day out” book. I could see my son reading this book someday.
  • It was very carefree and nostalgic. It made me miss summers as a kid.
  • Adding an alternative family dynamic by making it a story about brothers and their step-dad was cool, because it gives middle-graders reading it something to relate to if they are in that situation.


  • Nothing really, I just didn’t rate it five stars because I probably won’t reread it.

My Thoughts: Overall, this was a really fun boyhood adventure book. Perfect for middle-graders, but still fun for an adult to read. I’ll definitely buy a copy to shelve for later, when my son can read.

Susan Yaruta-Young

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