Book Review: The World’s Shortest Stories edited by Steve Moss, Glen Starkey (Illustrator), and John M. Daniel

My Rating: ★★★★☆

Genre(s): Anthology; Adult Fiction; Suspense

Plot: A collection of short stories in a variety of genres. Each story is less than 55 words long — short enough to read one during a quick minute of downtime, or a few on in quick succession.


  • Short stories are so great. Especially these. They’re short enough to keep me interested but somehow detailed enough to make me want more.
  • 55 words or less? Challenge accepted and failed. But these authors really did it!
  • Changing up the genres was smart, because it shows a variety of writing styles in a variety of genres.
  • The self-aware stories were the best.


  • Nothing, I just didn’t rate it five stars because I probably won’t reread it.

My Thoughts: I love short story anthologies. I get distracted, lose interest, or just have literally two minutes to read in between diaper changes, naps, chores, etc. So this book was sort of perfect for my schedule. These were funny, suspenseful, quick-witted. Overall a great collection of stories. And I love the 55 words challenge! Such a great idea.


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