Daily Bookish Challenges | Day Six: Thursday, October 22

Prompt: Introduce us to your favourite author and their books!

Right now, my favorite author is Colleen Hoover. Not only are her books phenomenal, but she is such a great person with an awesome writer’s backstory. Basically she wanted to write a book, so she would sit down and read books in stores to see how the authors worded certain things. She had no clue what the crap she was doing, and then BAM– she’s got all these amazing, bestselling books. Not only that, she also developed The Bookworm Box, a monthly book service for bookworms, and 100% of the proceeds go to charity.

I was sort of iffy about new adult lit until I read Colleen Hoover. Probably because the only new adult lit I’d read was Fifty Shades and well, you all know how I feel about those pieces of trash. So I went into Maybe Someday somewhat reluctantly, and was instantly hooked. Colleen doesn’t overdo it with the sexy scenes, but she doesn’t really sugarcoat it either. And they’re not a huge part of her books. The books have great plots and break-your-heart characters. I’ve seriously put requests in for each of her books like five times at our library so I can real all of them.

My favorite book of hers that I’ve read was Maybe Someday. You can read my review here. It’s actually one of my favorite books ever, which is huge because I’m a snob and I don’t have out the f-words (five-star, fave) for just anyone.

You might have heard, but her novel Ugly Love is currently being adapted into a movie, and let me tell you– WOWEE! That is going to be one worth watching. The teaser was just the right balance of sexy and intriguing, and the guy who is playing Miles is… *fans self* yeah he’s perfect for the role.

If you’re looking for well-written, let-me-drown-in-some-feels NA books, definitely check out Colleen Hoover. You won’t be disappointed.

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One thought on “Daily Bookish Challenges | Day Six: Thursday, October 22

  1. YES YES YES!!! I agree with everything you said, as I feel the same! Colleen is the Queen of NA! Maybe Someday might also be my all time fav!
    Every time I read something about her books, I have this huge urge to reread all the books! 😀

    (PS: I just really hated the Slammed trilogy…)

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