Daily Bookish Challenges | Day Eleven: Tuesday, October 27

Prompt: Let’s talk about our bookish habits and rituals!

Purchasing habits– I. hoard. books. Like books I don’t even think I’ll ever read, books I’ve read a million times, multiple copies of the same book– sometimes even the same cover, just more than one condition, but usually just different editions of the same book. Sometimes if a book is popular, I’ll buy it even if I don’t really think that I’ll read it. I almost always buy used because I’m poor, but every once in a while I’ll buy a book new or pre-order if I’m really looking forward to it or I love the author. I try to buy used from a local used bookstore, but more often than not, I buy my used books from the library because I can’t turn down $1 books.

What I read– I read a pretty wide variety. I’m not super into fantasy outside of The Hobbit and Harry Potter. I like most YA books, particularly about death/suicide/grief for some reason. I like some NA books, especially Colleen Hoover. I like feels-y books, but cheesy feels books turn me off. I will not read Fifty Shades of anything ever.

Keeping and care of books– I’m a total book snob when it comes to people borrowing my books and when I borrow other peoples’ books. I use a thin bookmark, I make sure to always put books down on a clean surface, I don’t put books in my purse or on the ground, etc. And I expect people to treat my books the same way. However, my own books are well loved and show obvious signs of wear and tear. I dog-ear, I snail, I leave my book cracked open face-down when I can’t find a bookmark, I sometimes spill my coffee on my books, I put them in my bag, etc. My books are well loved, and it shows. It’s not like I destroy my books. I’m just not super careful with them.

Keeping track and reviewing– I keep track via Goodreads. On Goodreads, I make sure to scan the barcode if I’m reading a physical copy so that I can keep track of the correct edition, and I have special shelves– books I own, books for read-a-thons, books for challenges and book clubs, etc– that I utilize as well. I also occasionally post books to my instagram and author Facebook page, but those are more to show people what I’m reading and generate conversation. Once I finish a book (or like weeks later– I’m three reviews behind right now), I review it on this blog, and occasionally link the review on facebook, tumblr, twitter, etc. My ranking system is listed to the right of this post.

How and when I read– I am most comfortable reading on the couch. I don’t like reading in bed because I can’t get comfortable, but every once in a while it’ll do. I also read in the pool if I have my kindle in a freezer bag. I don’t get to read often. Having two kids means almost no down time, and when both kids are asleep, I’m more likely to just veg out or take a shower instead of reading or doing anything even remotely productive (hence the two unfinished novels chilling on my hard drive). Sometimes I’ll sneak a few pages in while Kaylee takes a quick two-second nap (helloooo high needs baby, I hear you crying the second I put you down), but lately I just don’t get any time. It’s really a bummer. I have a habit of reading more than one book at a time too, but never two books of the same genre at once. That just gets too confusing. Like right now, I’m reading The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand and The Martian by Andy Weir.

Things I would like to change or work on– I would like to read more. Like 50-100 pages a day. That would be nice. I don’t make time for myself like I should, and it’s really cutting in to my reading time. I would like to quit starting books and then returning them to the library halfway though (sometimes I lose interest, sometimes I can’t get enough time in before they’re due). I would like to organize my shelf. I would like to write better reviews and keep up with them instead of falling behind.

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