To be a Writer

So… Since my dream of becoming a novelist is on hold for a list of reasons (#1 being the amount of time Kaylee spends on the boob), I’ve decided to take a different approach.

I did the thing. I made a Patreon account. I’ll be fine-tuning it over the next week or so, but it’s there! I’ve posted my first subscribers-only post, and I may post another tonight.

How Patreon works: You subscribe, I give. You can pledge any amount you want, whether it’s $1 per month or $15 or $20. Every dollar is a dollar that I earn doing something that I love. Some of my writing will be posted publicly, for anyone to read. But subscribers will have access to pieces I hold dear– journal entries I don’t necessarily want to share with the entire world but still want to share with people who care, special projects, or short stories that mean more to me than other pieces.

I’ll try to stay as consistent as possible with how often I post, but with two kids to chase and a house to run, my posts may be sporadic from time to time. But I will always make sure to post something.

If you would like to support me, or if you want to learn more about Patreon, click here and check it out!

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