Get me outta here!

And by “here”, I mean “this rut”. Seriously finishing books is like pulling teeth these days. I don’t have a lot of free time, and what little free time I do have, I spend it either running or sleeping because I’m trying to take better care of myself and that’s really the only ways I know how…

I’ve read a few books since my last review, but not many. I have a list sitting next to my computer, and I’m sure eventually I’ll make a dent in the pile, but I’m not sure when. Between sick babies and t-ball and being a stay at home mom, I’m totally swamped. It’s rough.

I even cancelled my patreon creator page because I was getting paid basically to send a monthly “sorry I haven’t been writing” email, and that’s not fair.

However, there are a few pre-orders coming out soon that I’m totally looking forward to! So I’ve got to kick myself out of this slump soon.

I started kind of ish writing the outline for my next novel. I wrote up a couple of character bios and a brief blurb of how I’d like the book to go. I’m hoping to really get into it soon, but like I said, no free time. I stopped working to work on my writing and my reviewing. And I don’t do any of that.


What’s everyone reading this week? I’m reading A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray and I’ll probably read the other two next, and then I plan on either reading The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han or The Hopeless series by Colleen Hoover.

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