Book Review: Landline by Rainbow Rowell

My Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Genre(s): Literary fiction; adult fiction

Plot: Georgie McCool knows that her marriage is in trouble, but that doesn’t stop her from skipping Christmas with her husband and children to work overtime on a big project at work. Alone for the holidays, she stays with her parents in her old bedroom, and discovers that her old rotary phone seems to be a portal to the past — connecting her present, adult self to her husband’s young adult self.


  • It was an easy read
  • I like how aloof Neal seemed
  • Georgie’s sister is pretty awesome


  • It draaaagged
  • I feel like the resolution was really anticlimactic
  • It was predictable
  • Georgie is a twat and I couldn’t stand her like at all


  • “I love you more than I hate everything else.”
  • “Georgie. You cannot be jealous of Dawn–that’s like the sun being jealous of a lightbulb.”
  • “We’re not broken up.”
    “I know, but we’re still broken.”
  • “Georgie never thought she’d be old enough to talk about life in big decade-long chunks like this.”

My Thoughts: I had hoped that after Eleanor & Park, I would really love this book. But I just didn’t. It took me forever to read, even though it was a super easy read, because I just couldn’t stand Georgie. She’s annoying and borderline neurotic. If you’re that worried about your marriage, go fix itI dunno. I just really didn’t like this book.

Rainbow Rowell

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