Book Review: One Beautiful Day by Kiva Arne

My Rating: ★★★★☆

Genre(s): Science fiction; zombies

Plot: [From Goodreads] I waited. “Hello?” Nothing. The silence grew on the other end of the line as the elevator slowly came to a stop on the ground floor. Suddenly, a thick, wet groan pierced through the phone line, so loud after the inaudible silence that I almost dropped the phone. Then more silence. I stared at the phone in my hand for a minute, then nervously put it back into my bag. The elevator doors swung open and I knew something was terribly, terribly wrong.
One Beautiful Day is a story that follows two young adults as they slowly come to realize that one day when they wake, their world is not quite the same as when they went to sleep.


  • I know the author 😉
  • It was creepy
  • Stuck to a pretty poplar theme, but didn’t overdo it
  • It’s always interesting to see how different authors approach the zombie theme


  • I felt it ended abruptly
  • Lots of typos (but it’s self pub-ed so that’s expected)

Favorite Quotes:

  • I don’t have my kindle but I know I highlighted a few things

My Thoughts: It was pretty good. I bought an early edition of the book, so there were a lot of typos and things that just didn’t make sense, but it didn’t take away from the book at all. I enjoyed Kiva’s approach to the zombie theme, but I felt like it ended way too abruptly for my liking. I hope she publishes a sequel some day! I’d love to see how the group turns out.

Kiva Arne

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