I’m back on Patreon!

I forgot to post about it here because I’ve been so busy actually doing the whole writing thing, but I’ve officially started posting to Patreon again!

So far this month I have posted:

  • Do it for Amina“, a short story about a boy who gets lost in New York City and finds himself through the help of a stranger. This post is public and anyone can view it.
  • Insignificant and Infinite“, the first of a two-part flash fiction series about love and the ocean– and how everything is connected. This is a paid post and only patrons pledging $1 or more can view it.
  • That Ugly Place“, a flash fiction piece about depression. This is a public post as well.

Coming up this month, I have:

  • One more public flash fiction
  • One private, but free short story
  • Part one (and possibly part two) of a three-part short story series, for patrons pledging $1 or more
  • One private standalone short story, for patrons pledging $1 or more

How does it work?

You subscribe, I give. You can pledge any amount you want, whether it’s $1 per month/story or $15 or $20 [if you pledge per story, I recommend between $1 and $10, depending on how much you enjoy my writing]. Every dollar is a dollar that I earn doing something that I love. Some of my writing will be posted publicly, for anyone to read. But subscribers will have access to pieces I hold dear– journal entries I don’t necessarily want to share with the entire world but still want to share with people who care, or short stories that mean more to me than other pieces.

I’ll try to stay as consistent as possible with how often I post, but with two kids to chase and a house to run, my posts may be sporadic from time to time. But I will always make sure to postsomething.

Subscribers who pledge $10 or more per month will/can receive special snail mail love from me, because snail mail is awesome.


Although I try to limit my computer time to just writing (I tend to get distracted and one tab turns into twenty and I can’t figure out which one is playing the stupid song), I check my email pretty frequently on my phone. If you have questions, story ideas, advice, or just want to chat, email me at renaemcbrian1@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you when I can.

If this is something that may interest you, please head over to patreon.com/renae and consider pledging/subscribing! It means the world to me when friends (and strangers!) show their appreciation for my hard work!

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