Patreon Update!

So I’ve been back on Patreon for a couple of months now, and things are FINALLY starting to pick up. Longer pieces, more productive writing sessions, and a wider variety of genres are just a few things happening in my creative process.

I may not write quite as much in September, just because I’ll be starting the third draft of Nic Promises Not to Help Hanna, but I plan to post at least two paid posts again.

Patreon is really motivating me to write, because I’m like, “Okay, if I post this post before the 31st, I’ll get x money and groceries/gas/whatever won’t be as tight.” It’s nice to at least feel like I’m contributing something financially to our home.

Here’s a little but about Patreon and what I do and how you can help!

(This is the pinned post in my author page, so if you’ve already read it, you can keep scrolling)


Basically, Patreon is what would happen if GoFundMe and that dude who does those cool spray paintings in the streets of San Francisco had a baby. When you subscribe to an artist, you’re paying them for their service (music, writing, graphic art, etc). In return, they can eat and stay alive and continue to offer that service (okay, that was dramatic but you get the point).

Writing is my passion. It’s all I’ve ever known. Cut me open and I’ll bleed words.

I just hope that someday, those words can make a difference.

So how exactly does Patreon work?

You subscribe, I give. You can pledge any amount you want, whether it’s $1 per month/story or $5 or $20 or anywhere in between. Every dollar pledged is a dollar that I earn doing something that I love. Some of my writing will be posted publicly, for anyone to read. But subscribers will have access to pieces I hold dear– journal entries I don’t necessarily want to share with the entire world but still want to share with people who care, or short stories that mean more to me or take more time and effort than other pieces.

I try to stay as consistent as possible with how often I post, but with two kids to chase and a house to run, my posts may be sporadic from time to time. My goal is typically two paid posts per month and a handful of unpaid (private AND public) posts if I have the time.

You don’t pay anything up front, and you can back out any time. Patrons (that’s you) are charged on the first of every month, and Creators (that’s me) are usually paid shortly after.


Although I try to limit my computer time to just writing (I tend to get distracted and one tab turns into twenty and I can’t figure out which one is playing the stupid song), I check my email pretty frequently on my phone. If you have questions, story ideas, advice, or just want to chat, message me or text me or whatever and I’ll get back to you when I can.

I hope this covered it! I came across Patreon through a friend and after a rocky first few months, I decided to give it another go and I’m so glad that I did because even the small amount I’m making now is enough to make the difference between staying home with my kids and going out to find a job and miss out on being with them all day!

I know I say it a lot, but I am so, so grateful to my Patrons. Writing is my thing. It’s all I know. And to be able to stay home and make a living doing what I love is a gift– one that I do not take for granted.

If you would like to check out my public posts or are interested in supporting my writing, visit to get started

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