Hey There September

I can’t believe it’s September ALREADY. I think I’ve spent the last few months just counting the days until payday/friday/whenever so it’s just gone by without me noticing.

C R A Z Y!

I’m not setting too many goals for myself this month, because Bryce starts school and Brent’s work schedule is all weird, but I do plan on getting some stuff done this month.

Writing Goals

  • Catch up on book reviews
  • Start third draft of Nic Promises
  • Post three paid posts to Patreon

Reading Goals

  • Finish Cursed Child
  • When We Collided
  • Still Life with Tornado
  • Ripple
  • Boy, 9, Missing

I need to finish all of these books because they’re ARCs and I need to get the reviews up soon in order to be approved for more books.

Most people attribute fall to orange and pumpkins and scarves and boots, but for me it means the tail end of fire season and the last full month of baseball and a gradual shift from super-hot weather to kind-of hot weather.

As a kid, September was my favorite month. I loved school. I loved the smells of the new books and the door being propped open so we could still smell the fresh air before it got too cold and all the new school supplies. I’m glad I finally get to make these memories with my own kids.

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