** Cover Reveal** The Haunting of Littlefoot Orphanage by Martina Marie

Author Name: Martina Marie
Book Title: The Haunting of Littlefoot Orphanage
Tagline: A group of teens look for a thrill, soon find out the stories are real.
Genre: Teen/Ya Thriller/Suspense?
Release Date: Coming Soon!
Cover Artist: Desiree DeOrto Designs
Their laughter grows louder,
Their little feet patter.
Don’t make them angry
Or your world will shatter.
There’s no where to go.
Chills run down your spine.
No where to run,
And no where to hide.
To them it’s a game,
And you’re the next pawn.
Play it correctly,
You’ll make it till dawn.
One mistake
And it all ends.
Don’t mess up.
Or you’ll meet their friend.
About the Author  
Martina Marie was born in Akron, Ohio and grew up on the coast of North Carolina. She currently still resides in North Carolina, though more towards the mountains now, with her husband of six years and their five year old son. She has dreamed of becoming an author since she was in middle school, finally giving all of the voices in her head an escape. She has taken many medical classes and one day hopes to be a Neonatal Nurse; while magically finding time to write. She is obsessed with anything Wizard of Oz, mainly the Wicked Witch, and loves musicals and food. You can normally find her at home spending time with her family, playing Xbox, or binge watching her favorite shows.° Facebook ° Instagram ° Website °

Full Cover


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