Happy New Year — A Goals Post

Hello loves!

I cannot believe how fast 2016 came and went! I feel like globally, 2016 was INSANE. However, personally 2016 was pretty great for me. I accomplished a lot, I overcame a lot of obstacles, and I got a LOT of writing done.

Last year, my writing was sporadic at best. I would put in 110% for a few weeks, and then not do anything else for just as long.

This year, I want to be different.

You all pledge your support to me, and now I am making my own pledge– to provide content worth supporting.

Here’s my super informal plan for my Patreon writing for the next twelve months! It may change as time goes by, depending on what my novel has in store for me and how crazy life gets once Bryce starts school this fall, but right now, this is what I plan to give you guys:

Letters– One letter a month, from one character to another (or more than one other). Topics, genre, and length will vary. This will be fiction.

Seasons– Four short stories, each taking place in the same place, but in a different season each story.

Lifetime– One short story during childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and late life; same character each time.

Flash fiction– One short story per month, under 1000 words.

Prompted story– One short story per month based on a writing prompt I find online (or someone gives me), 3000-10000 words.

Parallel friendship– A group of four friends, three posts from each point of view, over the course of one year in their lives.

I can’t wait to continue to share my writing with all of you, and to continue to get all of the wonderful feedback I’ve been getting!

Thank you all for your continued support, and I look forward to another wonderful year with all love you! If you do not currently support my patreon page, but would like to, please visit patreon.com/renae and hit that awesome orange button! Honestly, like $1 or $2 a month is AMAZING, but the amount is totally up to you!



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