The CoHo Chronicles – Maybe Now, Chapter Two

Rating: Four and a half stars

Reaction: Okay I love her reaction to seeing a Tesla. These cars are literally everywhere in the LA area but I still geek out every time I’m close to one. So I can relate to her reaction. The bucket list thing was cool. Maggie doesn’t seem sentimental or cliche at all, and this list is both of those things. It shows that she is vulnerable and a dreamer, even if she knows she could die at any moment. I also totally relate to the not having cute underwear thing, but this is not a TMI about me post so won’t go there. I wasn’t sure how I felt about Maggie and Ridge still being in contact, buuuut I was curious to see how close they still actually are. And reading Maggie’s side of things makes me dislike her less.

Predictions: I thought Maggie was going to crash and die while racing and that was going totally upend Ridge’s life.

Note: This is part of a chapter-by-chapter review series. For more information or for links to the other chapters, click here.

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