The CoHo Chronicles – Maybe Now, Chapter Ten

Rating: Four stars because I have feelings, dammit

Reaction: Wow okay. This chapter was loaded. It started with me going, “Aww he’s helping her sign” and ended with, “Well there’s my heart in a pile on the floor right there so that’s nice”. So thank you for that, Colleen. I needed to cry in the shower as I read this. That was great. But okay, my feels aside, there really is a lot happening here. Obviously both Ridge and Sydney are facing something that they KNEW would happen, but had hoped wouldn’t happen as soon or if ever. Both of their sides make sense here. She has a right to be upset, but he has an obligation as the friend of a dying girl. This just got way complicated. The “I love you” text might have made up for it. We’ll have to see. Also, Bridgette talks? Wtf?

Predictions: I would like to say that Ridge, Sydney, and Maggie all are able to just be friends. I would LOVE that. But there’s to much history and not enough time, so it may not happen without the help of Jake. Sydney is going to cry and distance herself from Ridge, because I don’t see her as the type to go psycho ex on someone. Although her opening line was that she punched a girl in the face sooooo I guess all bets are off and we’ll have to see?

Note: This is part of a chapter-by-chapter review series. For more information or for links to the other chapters, click here.

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