The CoHo Chronicles – Maybe Now, Prologue

Rating: Four stars because I’ve never been a fan of Maggie tbh.

Reaction: I had to read this three or four times before I was ready to actually start chapter one. Maybe Someday is my favorite Colleen Hoover book and I honestly just wanted to prepare myself. But, reading this particular passage more than once meant that I got to experience Jake’s introduction more than once — something I am 100% okay with. I was totally attracted to this dude’s dialogue and the way he handled Maggie. Although reading that he was a doctor made me go, “Well here we go again” because I’m still bitter about Ryle.

Predictions: Jake isn’t actually a doctor. If he is a doctor, he is going to be the exact opposite of Ryle and we will love him.

Note: This is part of a chapter-by-chapter review series. For more information or for links to the other chapters, click here.

One thought on “The CoHo Chronicles – Maybe Now, Prologue

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