Nae and Patches Take Seattle — Day 1

I figured I should write about my Seattle trip as a start to turning this into a blog as well as a review place. So here I go. Thank goodness I uploaded Facebook pictures in order because there’s no way I could remember all of this. I’ll post day by day for easier readability.

Day 1


I was sad that this wasn’t our plane. How cool is that?

We left for LAX literally as the Crimes of Grindelwald trailer dropped at SDCC, so I was able to watch that about a million times in the airport. I saw the SF Giants Alaska Airlines plane and squeed. The flight was uneventful, but that’s always best. My preferred method of travel is flight, and I hate when something happens to make me reconsider this. The dude who got the window seat kept the shade drawn the entire time, and then fell asleep. But I didn’t want to bug him to ask him to trade seats so I just read and played on my phone the whole time.



Our cute little “haven”.

When we landed at SeaTac, we got an Uber to the place we were staying at in the Maple Leaf area of Seattle. This little place was so cute and perfect for just the two of us! We will definitely be staying here again next time we take a trip up because it’s just in an amazing neighborhood and had everything we needed. We walked around inside for a bit opening all the cupboards and the fridge and stuff just to see what all was there, and looking at the great selection of books our host had on her shelves. After settling in, we decided to go look for something to eat.

We found out “Seattle’s best ramen” was only about a mile away, so we walked through the neighborhood to the restaurant. Every few minutes, I would see a Little Library and stop to see if there were any books I wanted. But mostly I just kept saying how I wanted to move to that neighborhood. It was so quiet and reminded me of what Thousand Oaks would be like if there were seasons. It was really pretty.


Ramen was here.

We got to the ramen place and the hostess apologized for the noise level and I realized that Seattle is not LA and Seattle is quiet and that just confirmed my need to move to the PNW. I ordered something basic from the menu and Brent ordered a fancy version of what I got. I am now obsessed with ramen and think about it all the time. So that’s something I’ll be adding to my list of date night ideas if I can find anything decent without driving into the city.

With full bellies, we decided to walk around and see what was in the area we were in. The place was really cool. It was like a restaurant shopping center, but surrounded by apartments and kids playing in the fountain and courtyard and it was really quiet.


I let out an audible gasp and sprinted.

We made our way over to the Northgate mall and stopped in every geeky store we came across — there were a lot; Seattle gets me. I resisted the urge to buy anything, but we made our way to the Barnes and Noble in the area and I bought the latest Newsweek that MuggleNet collaborated on. As we walked back through the mall, we decided to go get milkshakes or a drink or both — it was so weird to have the freedom to do whatever we wanted without kids being there with us or without having to worry about getting back to them so whoever was watching them could finally escape the madness that comes with babysitting our kids.

After drinks, we went to literally the biggest Target I have ever been to in my entire life. It had an escalator for the carts. We walked around a bit but just wanted to get some snacks for the place where we were staying.

We loaded up on junk food, Uber-ed back to the house, and didn’t even make it through the first half of Jurassic Park before we were both tired and ready to go to sleep.

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