Nae and Patches Take Seattle — Day 2

I figured I should write about my Seattle trip as a start to turning this into a blog as well as a review place. So here I go. Thank goodness I uploaded Facebook pictures in order because there’s no way I could remember all of this. I’ll post day by day for easier readability.

Day 2

Sunday was busy as hell. According to my step tracker on my phone, we walked 7.1 miles and biked another 1.7. And that’s just when I wasn’t holding my phone in my hand taking pictures of stuff like the tourist I am.


Damn good biscuit.

For breakfast, we hut up a tiny biscuit place in Ballard called Biscuit and Bean. They sell biscuits and coffee and that’s about it. But it was amazing. The vibe was laid back, the coffee was great, and the biscuits and gravy were almost as amazing as the southern cooking we had on our Florida trip a few years ago. After finishing up there, we decided to just walk in the general direction of stuff and see where it took us.


We literally had no idea we were sitting in front of Google.

First, we went to the Fremont Sunday market. It was just one small street, but there was a lot of cool stuff there. We looked at really old books (squee), dug through old shirt pins and cause buttons, and Brent bought a new wallet. When we’d seen all of the booths and decided we didn’t need to buy anything there, we sat at the waterfront and looked at boats (I didn’t get a picture of that somehow) for over an hour while we drank Coke from a glass bottle and sat in awe of the fact that we were actually on vacation.

37357254_10217195330458604_8607929946624491520_nAfter resting and checking the time and being completely shocked that we had done so much and it wasn’t even noon, we headed to the Fremont Troll so I could take a picture next to it. I’ve been obsessed with that Troll since I first saw 10 Things I Hate About You and I just had to see it in person. People were taking hilarious pictures with their kids but I managed to sneak in between people so I could get a picture. I’m glad I at least got that one!


Claudia the Cat

In true Nae fashion, I dragged Brent into the first bookstore we came across. Ophelia’s Books in Fremont is the cutest little shop. We went downstairs first and met Claudia, the bookshop’s resident kitty. She was super friendly and let me pet her. I asked her to lead me to books, and she sat down right in front of Tolkien. Kitty has good taste. I grabbed an Ann Rule book, and then we went looking around upstairs. The children’s/YA loft was super hot and stuffy, and I didn’t manage to find anything I was looking for up there. Downstairs was more of the same but crowded with people (one guy looked like Rob and I had a heart attack). I scratched the ears of the resident pupper whose name I didn’t catch, paid for my book, and we set off in search of our next adventure.


Lime Bikes – Great for the environment, not so much for people who are 5’0”.

We rented Lime Bikes and heading in the direction of the Seattle Public Library, but after about a mile and a half, we were so exhausted and sore that there was just no way we could keep going. So we parked them and got an Uber to the library instead. Which was a good idea because there was so much construction that we would have been walking the bikes basically the entire 5 miles anyway. And I could BARELY reach the ground and with all of the crosswalks and stopping and stuff, I was literally a hazard on wheels.

2009-0604-19-seattlecentrallibrarySo we got to the library and got some coffee and I was immediately like OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST LIBRARY EVER. I couldn’t stop looking around and definitely ran into people because of how much there was to look at. I didn’t manage to get a picture of the outside because of where we were dropped off, so here’s a picture from Google.

37687320_10217195331498630_5084299624064221184_oWe looked through the library a bit, but ended up in their Book Spiral — which was super cool. Basically they built their reference library on a sloped floor, and you just go in a circle, slowly climbing up a couple of floors. We found the genealogy stuff (nothing about our families), and then ended up in Special Collections. Brent grabbed the Seattle City plans from 1920 and we spent an hour or so poring over this really old, really amazing set of maps. It made me want to go do the same thing with Weed and McCloud, since I know a bit more about the history of the towns.

37683419_10217195333098670_766648930736799744_nWe left the library and decided to hit Pike Place Market since we were in the area and since we’d already seen it and wouldn’t need to spend too much time there. I looked through the bookstore for indie Colleen Hoover books (as I do), and then we walked through the market for some snacks. I got a giant bag of fresh cherries and a peach, and Brent got some dried apples and jerky. We headed back to our place and ordered in some teriyaki while we watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I think we ended up going to bed pretty early that night too because we were just super exhausted from a full day of walking up hills and riding bikes.

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