Life update!

Hey all!

I realized after my last post that I haven’t actually talked about my job or anything like that because I’ve just been so stinking busy! So here’s a little update!

In September, I started an internship with Ryan Zee Author Marketing. Specifically, I work for BookSweeps, which is a marketing agency that works closely with BookBub and indie authors. Right now I’m a marketing intern,  but my contract is up as of today, and I’m expecting to sign a full time position contract by the end of the week! I get to work from home, and I’m learning so many tips and tricks for marketing. It’s incredible.

I stepped back from Reading, Writing, Rowling, because my heart just wasn’t in it. But I took over as social media team manager for Alohomora, so I’m still very busy on the MuggleNet side. I got a Universal Studios pass for press and got to go see the holiday lights so, and it was so pretty!

Bryce is doing okay in first grade. He’s super bored, so he’s acting out a lot. Not sure what to do about that right now, but if he doesn’t change soon, I’ll be talking to his teacher to see if there’s anything we can do. We’re getting him into chess club for the spring semester, so I’m hoping that’ll help!

Kaylee started once-a-week classes at MyGym and it’s as much of a nightmare as I imagined it would be. She hates listening, she’s a free spirit, and she hates listening. Did I mention she hates listening? There’s always one of those kids in every class, I just hate that my kid is that kid.

I was asked to be maid of honor is my bestie’s wedding and I cried (which I don’t do).

I got rid of about 250 books between my books and the kids’ books.

We were evacuated because of the Woolsey Fire, and the fire literally ended at the edge of my street.


I can’t think of anything else.

But yeah.

That’s life!

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