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How Real

Sixteen-year-old Emmalyn Walker’s life is turned upside-down when she is bullied out of school for severely injuring one of the school’s top athletes. Abandoned by her friends, she befriends Larissa, the sweet girl from across the street, and Drew, a hard-to-read boy with a knack for being too honest.

While Larissa does everything in her power to keep Emmalyn afloat, Drew drags her down, encouraging dangerous behavior and dark secrets.

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Nic Promises

One had a secret, the other made a promise.

Hanna and Nic were inseparable as kids – until she moved away with no notice and didn’t contact him for three years. Imagine Nic’s surprise when they run into each other days before the start of their senior year. They quickly pick up where they left off, but Nic can tell that Hanna is hiding something. When Hanna finally opens up to Nic, he decides that he will do anything to protect her – even if it means hurting the ones he loves most.

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